Top Ways To Improve & maintain Ideal BMI Score -  Body mass index, or BMI, is one of several measurements used to detect overweight and obesity.Body mass index, or BMI, measures the ratio of your weight to your height.If your BMI is lower then normal then you have to gain weight on another hand if your BMI exceeds 24.9, your physician will likely talk to you about healthy weight loss options.So if you found that your BMI is below or over then the normal range then you have to follow some guidelines as per your doctor advice.

If your BMI is higher then recommended then it increase your risk for a number of health concerns including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even certain cancers.So here we are going to tell you how to improve & maintain ideal BMI score for a healthy body.Top Ways To Improve & maintain Ideal BMI are given below.

How to Improve & maintain Ideal BMI Score -

If you calculate your BMI at home, discuss it with your physician before you begin a weight loss and exercise program.For this, you have to follow below-given instruction carefully to get a healthy BMI score -

1. Check your BMI - If you want to maintain your BMI then first you have to check your BMI with the help of BMI calculator.With the help of BMI calculation, you can figure out how much weight you need to gain or lose.If you're underweight, with a BMI of 18.5 or lower, you may be more susceptible to illness and take longer to recover.If your body BMI is greater then 24.5 then your BMI is overweight and you have to lose your weight.

2. Track your Eating Habit - If your BMI is abnormal then you have to change your eating habit.Write down your diet plan which you take in a whole day.If you found that you eat more then you realize then it will be a cause of unhealthy BMI.

Click HereBMI Table & Chart For Girls | BMI Table & Chart For Boys

3. Set Goals to Improve your BMI - BMI calculation gives you an idea about your weight range.BMI calculation help to figure out body fat in comparison to your height.If your BMI is underweight then you have to gain body weight.In that case, you have to take more calories in your diet.Once you know your approximate target weight range and your approximate rate of weight loss, you can set a realistic timeline to meet your goals.

4. Add more calories in your Diet - The most useful and common way is to increase calories in diet chart to gain healthy BMI score.Eating more calories mean that you have to take more calories than your body burn.For women, estimates range from 1,600 to 2,400 calories a day and for men, between 2,000 and 3,000 calories a day.So you have to consume more calories than recommended.

5. Follow Healthy Food Diet to Increase Your BMI - Always follow a healthy diet plan to increase or maintain healthy BMI score.Healthy food helps to nourish your body with vitamins and minerals and it may slightly boost your metabolism.Also, add fibre to your diet plan which is very easy to digest.To determine how many grams of protein you need each day, multiply your weight, in pounds, by 0.8 -- for a 170-pound person, that's 136 grams of protein daily.

6. Gain or Lose Weight with the help of Exercise - If you want to lose or gain weight then you can do it easily by Exercise.Do Aerobic and Cardio exercise on regular basis to Lose your weight.f you're new to cardio, choose a low-impact activity you enjoy -- such as brisk walking, the elliptical machine or water aerobics -- and gradually increase the intensity as you get more fit.

If you want to gain weight to improve your BMI score then you have to do Muscle exercise.Regular strength-training is necessary to promote muscle gains.Consult your doctor before starting an exercise program to ensure safety.

7. Track BMI Progress in Your Body - Track your BMI score to ensure that how much weight you gain or lose.If you found that your BMI lies within normal range then no need to do lots of exercises, now you have to maintain your BMI.

Also, CheckBest Way To Gain Weight For Healthy BMI ScoreBMI Calculator

So that's all about the Top Ways To Improve & maintain Ideal BMI Score.With the help of above information, you can easily cut down your body extra fat.So follow all above instruction carefully to maintain or Improve Ideal BMI Score.If you like this article then share this information with others.

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