BMI Table & Chart For Girls - Body Mass Index (BMI) is an anthropometric index of weight and height that is defined as body weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared.BMI can be calculated for adult and children also.The Body Mass Index (BMI)-for-age charts for girls aged 2 to 20 years are a major addition to the new CDC Pediatric Growth Charts.The main purpose of BMI calculation for girls to screening or evaluate overweight and underweight health status.

BMI Table & Chart for girls is different from boys BMI due to physical and muscle strength.BMI in children differs by age and gender because adiposity varies with age and gender during childhood and adolescence.With the help of BMI Chart & Table, parents can check their child BMI by own.With the help of BMI calculator, we can calculate Body Mass Index of child and compare the result with other same age and gender.So here we will provide basic measurement tool to calculate body BMI of girls.

>How to calculate Girls BMI with the help of BMI Table & Chart -

With the help of below instruction, you can calculate Girls BMI -

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BMI Table for Girls -

If you want to check Girls BMI then first you have to know about BMI percentile range in Girls child.BMI percentile in girls change according to their age.So here we will provide BMI table for girls which is calculated on the basis of standard data.With the help of given table, you can easily know your BMI health status that is you are Underweight, Overweight, Risk of overweight or Obese.BMI table for Girls child is as follows -

BMI Chart for Girls -

Once you calculate your BMI then you have to check your BMI Chart to know your health status.Doctor plot a BMI growth chart for your child which is prepared on the basis of BMI measurement according to your Girls child age.With the help of this chart, you can easily know Girls BMI status that is your child is healthy or not.For this, you have to check BMI chart for girls which is given below -

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So finally you get to know about BMI Table & Chart For Girls.With the help of above Girls BMI Chart & Table you can easily figure out your child health status.If you found any discrepancy in your child BMI then you have to consult with a doctor to prevent any health diseases.If you like above-given information then share it with others.

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