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First of all, we clear it that we are not providing any type of Health services on We are also Not taking any type of  Money/ Fees from visitors.It is Free Of Cost For all Visitors.  This site is purely based on Latest News Updates to check your body BMI.We want to share our knowledge with others to help them & Making our India Great.

We Believe in Helping Our Indian Citizens To Make Faster Digital India.This site is a contribution to Digital India Mission. is one of the Body Mass Index sites to calculate your BMI.We formed bmicalculators .in with specialist and innovative team to keep Indians updated with all the latest news about how to check your body BMI score, which might be good and informative for you. is one step always ahead to make the content process easier than ever before. Our content, verified and interactive information given on the website.

Our success ensures an increase in millions of smiles around the country by educating them about any government scheme.

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