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Body Mass Index is a measurement to calculate body fat which is based on Height and Weight of your body

Body Mass Index (BMI) - BMI is a tool that indicates your body fat which may affect your health. With the help of BMI Calculator, we can easily know the amount of fat in your body.BMI provides a gross estimate to know body fat whether you need to lose weight or not.Normal BMI range for an Adult Men and Women lies between 18.5kg/m2 - 25 kg/m

So you can check Body Mass Index of your body from here with the help of BMI Calculator.BMI Calculator is a common tool used by Doctors and health professionals to calculate body fat by Weight and Height.So if you want to check your body health status then you can take help from BMI Calculator.The value obtained from the calculation of BMI is widely used to categorize whether a person is underweight, normal weight and overweight.

Body Mass Index Formula -

If you want to know BMI Formula and how its work then you have to follow below-given equation.BMI formula based on international System of Units (SI) and the US customary system (USC).The official formula for BMI was devised in the 1830s by Belgian mathematician Adolphe Quetelet.There are two ways to calculate Body Mass Index Formula which are -

(A) Metric BMI Formula -

mass (kg)
height2 (m)
 = 22.90

(B) Imperial BMI Formula -

BMI = ( weight (lb) / height2 (in2) ) x 703

BMI Table for Adults -

So here we will provide BMI table for the adult which is based on BMI calculation.According to World Health Organization's (WHO) recommendation body weight based on BMI values for adults is as follows -

Body Mass Index (kg/m2) -

BMI Charts for Adults -

With the help of BMI chart, you can locate your height and weight and Check your Body Mass Index.It is a tool to help you see whether your weight is increasing your risk for the disease.BMI chart shows health status for adults if your BMI shows below-given range -

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BMI Table for Children and Teens (Age 2-20) -

With the help of Children BMI table, you can check your child health status and growth rate.It is expressed as a percentile which can be obtained from either a graph or a percentile calculator.BMI Table is a very useful tool to know weight and height change during growth and development of your children.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends BMI categorization for children and teens which is as follows -

Percentile Range and Category for Children -

BMI Chart for Children and Teens (Age 2-20) -

You can also check BMI chart for Boys and Girls from here.With the help of BMI chart, you can diagnose potential weight and health-related issues in your children.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) BMI-for-age percentiles growth charts for boys and girls as follows -

(I) BMI chart for Boys -

CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend the use of BMI to screen for overweight and obesity in children and teens age 2 through 19 years.Please found out below BMI chart for boys as per CDC recommendation -

(II) BMI chart for Girls -

The standard CDC charts of children Body Mass index (BMI) is the new recommended method to judge whether a female child is overweight, obese, normal or underweight.

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